HUMAN COMPUTER DEVELOPMENT S.L. performs software development and maintenance services, customized solutions, digital graphic designs, hosting and strategic consulting for national and international companies.
It has requirements of high quality and technological excellence that are described in the following guidelines applicable to the entire organization:

  • Attend client's needs through regular communication with them, not only in the first phases of the project but throughout.
    Flexibility is essential in our sector, that is why our employees analyse the projects during their implementation in order to be able to implement any corrections which may be necessary.
  • Submit the product only when all the customer's requirements and the estimated deadlines are met or exceeded.
  • Offer our clients comprehensive solutions at competitive prices which adapt to their specific needs.
  • Inform all employees and team members of the importance we place on quality and security of information and the policies we uphold regarding these.
  • Abide by the legal regulations applicable to all activities within the company, respecting confidentiality, integrity and access of information at all times.
  • Continuously improve all processes to ensure that customers and employees are able to see the company’s response capacity, becoming a benchmark for both customers and employees within the various companies in the sector.
  • Establish mechanisms to satisfy demand and improve the effectiveness of our quality management and information security system, sharing this relationship with workers and asking for their collaboration, enabling them to participate and internalise the system and its improvements.

Date: 10/12/2018